Best Time to Visit Satpura National Park

by | January 28, 2022

Best time to visit Satpura

While there is magic in every season of Satpura, for tourists the best time to visit Satpura national park is October to June. While winters are misty and cold when you get to see a lot of animal behavior, summers you do get to see animals around the waterhole coming to quench their thirst.

Wildlife Experiences in Satpura Jungle

Jungle taken over by Spider webs when the season starts


When the jungle safari season starts in October, the jungle is all shades of green with all the major rivers in their full capacity. Thousands of spider webs take over the forest, butterflies of different species can be seen together puddling, the wide variety of flowers blooming cannot go unnoticed.

Misty Winter Mornings

Misty Winter Mornings


The weather is still pleasant at the onset of winter but you can start to feel the chills as you know winter is coming !! While many say the best time to visit a national park is in summers to see the animals coming down to drink water we also suggest you explore this season to see impressive Sambar stag with its winter coat, Indian Gaur bull sizing each other to even having a chance to see a tiger constantly marking its territory or leopards finding ways to adapt in the competition from wild dogs and boars.

Tigers of Satpura

Satpura tigers may not walk on the tracks to entertain you, but you can expect the most natural behavior from them if you get lucky to sight one


While it may be cold at Forsyth Lodge during winters we spoil you by wrapping you in Blankets with a hot water bag to make your safari experience cozy. But remember when the jungle wakes up with alarm calls from denizens pointing towards the presence of a predator, you don’t feel cold anymore.

Satpura National Park is also famous for the migratory birds that arrive to spend their time in the river Denwa once the water recedes from the Tawa dam. The landscape changes completely and numerous islands are visible. Opting to do canoeing for eye-level shots is something you can get.

Bar Headed Geese

Bar Headed Geese migrate from Mongolia and Tibetan Plateau towards south of Indian Subcontinent


During the summer season, while the forest is open as most trees lose their leaves, animals move around the areas where there is water. The chances of sighting a predator around these areas are more. Though it is not a sure-shot sighting in summers, wildlife sighting is a matter of chance whether in summers or winters.

Now you decide what is the best time to visit Satpura national park and what season do you prefer to travel to wildlife destinations?

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