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by | January 24, 2022

Night Sky in the Wilderness of Satpura

Have you ever heard of camping in a Tiger Reserve? If not, head to Satpura Tiger Reserve for a camping experience in the middle of a jungle. Camping always fascinates us and it’s more exciting to do it in a less crowded Tiger Reserve.

Camping for a Night
In the buffer zone of Satpura Tiger Reserve, we can go camping. In the downstream of Denwa River in Parsapani area near the Parsapani grassland with a vast landscape in front of you. There is some different habitat upstream of the same river near Jamanidev camp which is situated at the confluence of the river Denwa and Nagduari and overviews the core area. From Jamanidev we can trek 15km through a rocky and hilly landscape and emerge into another camping site called Bineka. This is a big grassland surrounded by hills. You may hear the hooting of Mottled Wood Owl or Indian Eagle-owl at dusk which makes this vast landscape more mysterious.

Forest Camping

Camping Site at Parsapani


Camping in Forsyth Trail for 3 Days

Camping Site at Jamanidev

Camping Site at Jamanidev


Breakfast in the Jungle

Breakfast in the Jungle


Pachmarhi via Dehliya Camp

On the Way to Pachmarhi via Dehliya Camp


Forsyth Trail

Glimpse of the Forsyth Trail


Our most advantageous camping trip is on the Forsyth Trail. We cover a distance of close to 45km and a gradient of 700m approximately in two nights and three days. We see the changing of the landscape every time. We start our walk from a place called Satdhara. Where cascading rivers greet us on the hike. We hike almost 8km along the river Denwa and reach our first camping site at Manakachar. Which is placed on a dry sandy stream surrounded by the forest of old Arjun trees will make an arch on the top of the tent. With the bonfire, a silhouette of a Giant Flying Squirrel gliding from one tree to another will be a night to remember. The next day we walk almost 17km to reach our next camp called Dehliya. Which is placed next to the fast-flowing Denwa river. Overviews steep slopes and hills. Dipping your legs after the walk into this sandy river gives a meditating relaxation. The last part of the hike asks your muscles to coordinate properly with your body. We climbed a bit gradient and covered almost 15km to reach our destination Pachmarhi, The queen of Satpura!


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If reading about our experience excites you, Forest camping is just for you!!!

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