Things to do in Madai, Satpura Tiger Reserve

by | July 28, 2022

things to do in madai satpura tiger reserve

Jhinjhini Mahal standing the test of time since 7th Century within the Madai Zone of Satpura Tiger Reserve

The mind is seeking for an exclusive treat and to be around the enigmatic jungle Satpura Tiger Reserve is a must visit. When we think about Satpura, exploring the Madhai zone situated at the Kamti range of the core area in the national park is an integral part of it. The Madhai gate is named after the relocated village that used to be nestled inside the core area before. Denwa, Sonbhadra, and Nagdwari rivers which barricade the core of Madhai naturally and cover the western boundary of the Satpura reserve. The different habitats of this zone will surprise you with their hilly terrains, open meadows, wooded forests, huge rocky landscapes, lively streams and backwaters of Denwa and Sonbhadra rivers, where animals and 100s of species of birds and butterflies will leave you spellbound.

Here are some of the things to do in Madai, Satpura Tiger Reserve you can indulge in a jungle safari and have an amazing wildlife and bird watching experience. There are a few routes to explore in Madhai: Lagda (situated on the foothills of mountains), Jhinjhini Mahal (ancient tribal temple that was supposedly built in 7th Century), and Chutkidev (this is the highest point in Madhai). All these places have their own existence of beauty. Whenever you are booking for three – four jeep safaris don’t miss the chance to explore them all.
Satpura is the only Natural Park in India where you are allowed to walk in the core. So, you may do a walking safari to know more about the jungle. Noticing the forest floor that generally gets unnoticed during jeep safaris will tell you the beautiful saga of Satpura Tiger Reserve. Apart from jeep safaris and walking, explore the place by the water ways as well. The boat safari in Denwa and Sonbhadra will take you to the mesmerizing backwater areas close to the forest line which is not visible from the jeep safaris. If you prefer a more eco-friendly way to explore the waters, opt for canoeing instead of motorized boats.
During winter 1000s of migratory birds visit this area. The sound of their calls and flapping of wings and at the same time the calmness of the ambiance will enrich your heart for sure.

Living in the Jungle Resort

As you enter the lodge, you wonder if this is a property or a jungle, privately owned or managed by the forest department. The property is 44 acres but only 4 acres has been used for construction and the rest is left to the wilderness.

Reminding you of the times when vacations were spent far from the hustle and bustle of the city, with loved ones, to enjoy the tranquillity of rural India. And the lodge provides you with a warm welcome and the most hospitable environment in the midst of the jungle.

Going against the tiger trend of most wildlife destinations in India, Satpura provides not just Jeep safari experience in the day but night patrolling in buffer areas, boat safari/canoeing, walking safari, camping experience in the buffer area and so on.

Staying in the property that is surrounded by wilderness has its own perks of free movement of wild animals in and around the premises. The nights are filled with Spotted deer alarm calls pointing towards the movement of a predator that brings distress to them and excitement to us. Having a naturalist in such times makes it easier to decipher the story of the animal.

With little or no connectivity with the outside world you start to rely more on your surroundings and senses, only to notice the aroma of the jungle, wondering what is it that’s making such loud whooping sounds only to be told those are the langur troops greeting or communicating with each other.

For best cozy experience its advisable to have the necessary clothes according to the weather and even if not enough, the lodge provides blankets and hot water bags for the best safari experience.

While travelling our only worry is the food. Well, we vouch you would not have better food anywhere else. The meals are set for your palette after discussion with you before you arrive at the lodge and the staff is well equipped to provide for anything that needs to be added to your meals. One of the days you may opt to have lunch cooked by the local ladies from nearby village cooked at our lodge in wood fire. The lodge spoils you with the finger licking food and the jungle with the most amazing and dramatic wildlife experiences.

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