Junior Rangers Program by Forsyth Lodge, Satpura Tiger Reserve

by | July 28, 2022

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The junior ranger program is designed to give children a hands-on experience to learn about the flora and fauna of Satpura Tiger Reserve. This is an activity-based program that includes presentations, learning about the tracks and signs of the animals, Jeep Safaris to learn to track the animals with our trained Naturalists.

“From little seeds grow mighty trees”

The main agenda of this program is to give a ,wildlife experience to the kids to sensitize them towards wildlife, our forests, and green spaces. A lifetime may not be enough to know everything but we at Forsyth lodge plan to pave the way for our younger generation to know about the unexplored Satpura.
Interested children complete a series of activities and receive a certificate on completion of the course. Junior Rangers are typically 14 years and above, although people of all ages can participate. The program is customized as per the size and requirements of the group. Including safaris, Fun activities, community involvement, quiz competitions.
In the digital age we live in, information is at our fingertips but if you are one of those people who would like to experience what you read or see on digital platforms by yourself, get in touch with us right away.
Itinerary 2N/3D
Age Group – 10 to 14 Years
Day 1: Arrive at the lodge and have lunch. Followed by meeting the inhouse naturalists and getting briefed on the plan for 3 days. Includes distribution of Ranger Kit* and introduction to citizen science apps (inaturalist) to be used on nature walk around the property right after. Come back from walk and get ready for evening session to learn more about Satpura (Time) followed by dinner

Day 2: Start early and collect at the den by 5:30 for morning jungle safari in the core area with a packed picnic breakfast to look for the silent inhabitants like sloth bear, leopard, wild dogs and Tigers along with the birds of the forest. Learn to interpret wildlife with our trained naturalists. Return to the lodge for a pottery session and discussion on some interpretive guiding techniques (Visual Navigation, Use of Binoculars, Here and Now) followed by village lunch cooked by the ladies from the local Village. (Won’t it be too hot for village lunch?)
Evening head out to put camera traps around property near waterhole and Pug Impression Pads. Head back to your cottages to get ready for dinner with storytelling sessions.

Day 3: Start early from the lodge after having some “jungle juice” to start for the boat safari to explore the Denwa River. Have lunch at the lodge cooked with warmth and rest before you start for the adventures of Satpura at night. Join our naturalists for a Night Patrolling in the Buffer area to look for the critters of the night like a porcupine, nightjars, Owls and the smallest lesser cat species found in the world i.e. Rusty Spotted Cat. Return to the lodge for a starlit dinner.

Day 4: Start early for the morning jungle safari in the core area/Buffer Area with a packed picnic breakfast before heading out of Satpura to take a little piece of the jungle with you in your memories. Return to the lodge after safari and collect your certificates before saying goodbye to the family at Forsyth Lodge with a promise to return again.

*Ranger Kit – Notepads, Pen, Tshirt, Cap, First Aid Kit, Field Guide

Remarks :
All apps, books or things we buy we should collaborate with those people to promote the program example David Raju Surya Ramchandran, Inaturalist org etc
Advisable to hire a known trainer like Payal or Harsha for this program, will give more authenticity or some field expert if we have lower budget
Things to buy Camera Trap, Kit supplies, Stargazing equipments (telescope and Laser light)

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