by | July 28, 2022

offspring of mother nature

Who are Offsprings of mother nature ? Do you remember your childhood or do you watch a child growing up? How is that feeling for you? Sometimes I feel if I get a chance to be a child again…though I still have that child within me and I think we all have one which occasionally comes out.

Every life form has started from a baby. From plants to animals to humans. We all have gone through different stages. Awestruck by the beauty of the world, gone through learning moments, finding answers for our curious minds, faced and overcame different challenges…then slowly stepped into our zone of what we call maturity.

Humans are one kind but think about the whole other animal world and how they survive in this huge world. Let me share a few recent stories with you all from Satpura as I’ve been here for the last few months.

Let me start with a spotted deer fawn. A new born seeing the world for the first time. still one can see the umbilical cord and the puffy whitish and brown fur. It lights up the area with its impish glee. Running and jumping around. Seems like showing its herd and mother that it can run. Stopping for a while and again starting with a sling run. The moment that made us fall for it.

Then comes the little black fluff ball like bear cubs. They were so tiny that they could blend in their mother’s long black fur while the female piggybacked them. Slowly they were growing up and started to explore with inquisitiveness. Learning to climb trees, scratching the termite hills, playing with twigs and of course running, bumping and tapping with his siblings. Whenever coming close to the vehicle or finding something odd, quickly climbed up on his mothers back.

The curious baby Sambar deer – While the herd of doe with their fawns cross the road, one little fellow stands still and is looking at us. Bends his head sideways to understand and also those curious eyes…seems like it has too many questions. Moved towards us with small steps and then the mother turned and it just gave a call with its tail up and ran to the female soon. But still it was turning back to see us…its questions were still not answered.

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