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Home– Is a place we reside, we adore, we love, we spend time, we build our memories and where we always want to come back after a tiring day or after a refreshing holiday. We invigorate to make our home prettier, better and stronger. We tend to put all our effort into keeping it an immaculate place. Now imagine a bigger home where humans and all creatures of nature live together. It is none other than our planet, our Earth.

Biodiversity-Forest-conservationDid you know that the loss of biodiversity is a global crisis now? There is hardly any region on the earth that is not facing ecological catastrophes. We don’t have to go back or search for the effect much. The latest we have is the Corona Virus which has shown its magnitude, reach and repercussions mostly caused by anthropocentric activities. The ignorance in conservation is not only affecting the humans but also the other species on this planet. Pollution and exploitation of natural resources have taken over the flourishing green planet. Deforestation, habitat loss, scarcity of freshwater, melting glaciers, prolonged forest fire, drought and unbearable heat to recorded snowfall in some places. Wildlife trafficking in the name of exotic pet trade, medicinal value, superstitions and sometimes for status and pride is constantly happening.

ConservationSomehow we will deal or survive how the earth is right now but what about the coming generation? The future is scarier than what we could even think of. Now, we are aware of all these effects which are affecting our planet and us. Do we truly realize that in our everyday life? Maybe sometimes it does and that’s exactly where we can start off towards our first step to forest conservation India. Every citizen has the potentiality to bring back the quality. Amazing candour is…given that conservation activities are human activities, and that the very need for conservation arises out of human actions. So what we all can do to be a part of “CONSERVATION”.

Forest-Conservation-tipsCome together, bring more people, join hands with organizations as a volunteer or take it as your passionate profession. Being observant we can find the real problem and will know what and how to stop the destruction. Habitat destruction is the main threat to 85% of all threatened and endangered species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Protect the habitat around where you are living and also wherever you are traveling. Make an initiative of planting native plants especially on birthdays. If possible buy lands and let it re-wild. Restore wetlands which hold one of the richest ecosystems on this planet.

Minimize and also control the use of plastics. It is easy to carry a cotton bag instead of bringing groceries in plastic. You may voice against packed material which is not necessary. Travel with a steel bottle for drinking water, a steel straw etc.

Be careful what you use for bathing. Soaps, including exfoliating microbeads, are incredibly damaging to the environment as these beads are not broken down by washing and so can present a number of hazards to aquatic wildlife. Many environmentally friendly alternatives exist.

Whenever the word environment comes to your mind, think of recycling. It is not only needed for the environment but also very economical.

Better to start using renewable energy sources such as solar where available, can help reduce the use of pollutive fuels. Save energy by switching off the lights when not necessary.  Focus on freshwater conservation is one of the most important factors. Let’s not include a few more states like Chennai into the list. Wherever possible storing rainwater, recycling greywater for irrigation than using the groundwater.

Using public transport or car pool or biking or just walking – helps to reduce the carbon footprint, less traffic and welcome a healthy life. Imagine how much fossil fuel we can save!!

SAY NO to exotic pets. Just reach you one animal millions are killed and die while transporting. It also winds the illegal trafficking which is already on fire. Instead keep watching animals in their natural habitat. The pleasure and satisfaction you will get is unmatched. Also Buy Responsibly. Try not to purchase products made from endangered animals or their parts. Wearing garments which have shed loads of blood is not such a great feeling.

Be a responsible traveler. No matter wherever you go it is better not to litter, it is all about feeling good. Encourage the people around you for the same. Do not leave any garbage behind but your footprints and moments.

Visit national parks and sanctuaries. Your presence brings a sustainable earning to the local community and the revenue helps the forest department to build more enforcement to protect the jungle and the animals. Bring and teach your children to be more close to nature and her creatures than the electronic gadgets. It will surely enhance their way of thinking towards life way better and it is scientifically proven.

Donate whatever or whenever you can to organizations and NGOs who are working on environmental issues, endangered species and community sustainability around protected areas. Please remember apart from Tiger, Elephant, Rhino etc all the bigger fauna (in India) there are many more critically endangered species who need more conservation effort.  

We are well versed with social media nowadays. Make use of social media to spread awareness of environmental issues. By making use of the reach afforded you by networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can help to rally others to the cause of saving the environment.

There are so many things that we can go on and on. Taking steps towards forest conservation India is the most primary thing. No effort is small or nothing. It is everything and that everything is in your hand and in your decision. It is Your CHOICE…and Your CONSERVATION.

By – Arpita Dutta

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