Making the most of Jungle Walks

by | August 6, 2021

Satpura Jungle Walks

Jungles are the new adventure lands!

Off-beat tourism and outdoor tourism has taken over, with visitors flocking to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in droves. After hill stations, beaches and mountains, the next big thrill is jungles. And not just safaris but walks and alternate experiences when there. ‘Safari’ is the biggest buzzword at the moment, and it is trending everywhere.

Wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and preservation centers are opening their gates for tourists eager to get a glimpse and understanding of nature. Parks like Satpura National Park are now offering not only jeep safaris, but canoe and boat rides, camping experiences as well as walking trails in the core zone itself. To make the most of these opportunities, here are some ideas to bank on!

Best Dressed Secrets

It can be quite daunting trying to figure out what to pack and what to leave behind on your jungle adventures. Wearing the right clothes, and being minimalistic are key. It’s important to wear warm, natural colours when you’re in the jungle. Beiges, browns, khaki, dark and olive greens are your best bet. Bright colours make you more visible to animals and birds and reduce your chances of seeing them. Darker camouflage colours help you blend into the natural environment and can increase your odds. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to breathe well – leave behind spandex, lycra, polyester and silk and go with cotton and linen.

Good Shoes take you Good Places

Walking on the edges of a jungle or crossing a river bed full of jagged, slippery stones calls for tough footwear. Invest in a pair of comfortable walking or hiking shoes with good grip. Shoes with ankle support can also offer comfort as you walk through the jungles for hours. Closed shoes are a must, to avoid dirt, dust and the smaller residents of the forest as you wander through pugdundees.

Be Prepared

The Scouts and Guides had it right – always be prepared. Make a list of things you might need before your trip and pack accordingly. Carry a collapsible backpack that can be unfolded at a moment’s notice. Your survival kit includes: navigation tools like a hand held compass, a water bottle (to reduce the use of plastic), trail mix, mosquito repellant, a small first aid kit, a good torch, multi-tool knife, binoculars, a poncho and a camera. If you are camping in the forest (highly recommended in Satpura!), you will also need a travel mattress and a light tent, however the place you choose to stay with should help organize that for you. Be prepared for anything!

Do some research

Before jumping at the first opportunity to go on a jungle walk – do your research! Spend some time online, or ask your naturalist about the weather, the terrain and water bodies, and the kinds of animals to be found here. Awareness about your surroundings will help you have a worthwhile experience. Ask about the rules and regulations in that particular area and be sure to follow them.

And finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself with your friends or family. An experience with your loved ones in the wild brings you closer to them is the absolute best quality time. It’s all worth it and will help you create unforgettable memories.

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