The Safari Times

Our morning newspaper
pressed earth in vapour.
Sounders have marched,
on a pugmark parched.
Have emptied their butts,
on raiding ground nuts.

The headlines flashed a Python’s track,
the drift alleged it had a snack.
A flaunting Peafowl sirened the scene.
Treed and gloating in his long preen.

Everything is a trending news
compiled at night, printed by dew.
Politics of herd over an obituary.
Every sign revealed its story.

We read news; of all that moves,
we set to track; a limping hoof.
We stalked a gait; of sheared thigh
survived a bovine; from a feline’s try.
We grasped the math; she gasped her breath.
To surprise us both; hugged a rosette death.

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