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An Encounter with the Wild!

Experience the breathtaking landscapes of Satpura National Park with Forsyth Lodge. Spend time discovering the jungle through jeep safaris, canoe safaris, and even walking ones, accompanied by our expert naturalists. Blend into the natural world around you, and enjoy a sustainable wilderness experience with us.

When was the last time you saw a big cat in the wild? Plan your next safari with us and maybe come face to face with one of these beauties. Satpura Tiger Reserve is also an ideal destination for birdwatching. The vertical scarps are home to numerous species of birds – more than 300 species have been spotted here. And we haven’t even begun talking about the rarer ones!

Spend your holidays and long weekends with us at Forsyth Lodge, and have a magical encounter.

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Experience the breath-taking landscapes of Satpura Tiger Reserve with Forsyth Lodge. Spend time exploring and discovering the jungle on jeep safaris, canoe safaris and even walking ones with our expert naturalists. Blend into the natural world around you, and enjoy a sustainable wilderness experience with us.


Get a motor boost as the versatile manoeuvring of a four-wheel-drive takes you across the expanse of Satpura Tiger Reserve.


Explore the botanical wonders and breath-taking landscapes of Pachmarhi Valley in a day trip or overnight stay, with walks on idyllic paths snaking across the undulating landscape and giving you a chance to explore some endemic species of birds, butterflies and plant life of this extended part of Western Ghats.


A fun three-day course where children and interested adults acquire the basics of jungle craft–how to use equipment, how to identify species, and how to be quick-witted with the camera-and a certificate to boot.


Experience the magic of being in a canoe, paddling quietly along the shore and drifting into little inlets to watch birds up-close and animals coming down to the water.


Get off the jeep tracks into Satpura Tiger Reserve, discovering a vast array of species and ecosystems, as our passionate naturalists help you unravel the mysteries of the natural world on foot and closer to the ground. Decipher what you see, feel and hear as you put your five senses to test in the most primal form of exploration.


Our naturalists are trained birders who will point our feathery friends out and provide you with interesting facts about them. Discover from over 360 different species across diverse habitats of human cultivation, grasslands, dry scrub jungle, riverine and forest ecosystems.

Whether you’re traveling as an individual or with a family, our wildlife safari packages are custom-designed to suit your interests and enthusiasm! Book now and get front row seats to witness Satpura’s breath-taking flora and fauna this season!


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