Frequently Asked Questions

What is the climate like in Satpura?

India has a hot, tropical climate, although conditions vary from region to region. With temperatures ranging from 1-26 degrees C, Satpura’s winter spans from November to March. The mornings and evenings are cool and fresh, and the days warm and sunny. Summer lasts from April to June, with a temperature ranging from 21-46 degrees C and hot temperatures combine with dry conditions. Monsoon season is from June to September. Most National Parks in India are closed between July to September.

How do I reach there?

The nearest airport to Satpura National Park is Bhopal (200 kms away). By rail, the park is accessible via Itarsi, Sohagpur, Pipariya and Hoshangabad.

Which is the best time to visit the park?

Any time of year is a good time to visit the park. Each season brings with it a different experience. October to February is a particularly great time to visit for avid bird watchers as the park plays host to migratory birds. From March to June, the rising temperatures ensure increased sightings with greater chances of spotting some sleek cats.

Will I be able to communicate with local people?

All our naturalists and forest guards can speak Hindi fluently. Our forest guards and drivers hail from local villages and may not be well versed in English or other foreign languages. However, our naturalists who are very fluent in English will accompany you on all your safaris and act as intermediaries should you require it.

Will I be able to stay in touch with outside world?

Satpura, like most forests in India, is off the grid and the network here is weak. This has always been a pleasant excuse to disconnect from the daily hustle but in case of an emergency, we will of course help you find a way to get connected.

Have any animals or snakes entered the property?

We make use of wild and natural fencing, and have a waterhole on the property. We are occasionally visited by the odd sambhar, wild boar or langur, and usually at night.

Will I see a Tiger?

Satpura National Park is not only about the big cats. Here, we boast of a variety of birds, reptiles and other species. It is the only National Park where the chances of sighting the other treasured species are higher and more fulfilling. We boast a high concentration of leopards and sloth bears. Although you can spot the mighty tiger if you’re lucky!

Can I decide my safaris when I reach the lodge?

Satpura National Park allows only 12 jeeps into the park at one time. There are 2 safaris scheduled per day. Morning safaris usually start at 5:30 AM, and the afternoon ones at 3:30 PM (timings change seasonally based on light – in winter the park opens later). Hence, it is advisable to book all your safaris in advance as they are likely to be fully booked when you reach the lodge. On an occasional visit there may be a safari available, but this is an extremely rare event and we would recommend against counting upon this.

Can you customize trips for us?

Yes, absolutely! We can customize your trip according to your requirements. It depends on several factors, the main ones being your purpose for the trip and your budget. We keep our packages flexible so our guests have the final say in how they wish to proceed with their bookings. For example, we have many guests who plan a 3-day trip with 7 safaris on the other hand, some who plan the same trip with 4 safaris. We are always here to help and make suggestions based on our experience. You can read more about our experiences here.

How are safaris conducted? Are they safe?

Safaris are conducted efficiently by the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department. Only 12 jeeps are allowed to enter the park at one time. Local guides and drivers who are familiar with the forest and its surroundings will be your hosts in the forest, as well as a naturalist from Forsyth Lodge who will act as an intermediary. Safaris are conducted in an open topped jeep and are perfectly safe provided you follow the rules of the jungle.

Can a specific diet be provided to me on my trip?

Yes, we can cater to your requirements for specific kind of food. Please let us know about them while making your reservations and we will communicate this to the respective team.

Can I drink the regular water at the lodge?

Yes, we provide fresh, clean potable water.

Are the safaris child-friendly?

Yes, all the safaris are child-friendly. However, since we often have to sit still and be very quiet for long periods of time, it’s not fair to expect little kids to do that. For your children you can also explore our Junior Rangers Programme.

What should I pack for a safari?

As a very common saying goes, “He who would travel happily must travel light”. And we at Forsyth abide by this. We’ve helped answer the ‘what should I pack’ question by putting the basics into a small list for you.

  1. 2 thermal t shirts/ long sleeved t shirts
  2. 1 thick/ woolly sweater
  3. 1 regular sweater or hoodie
  4. 1 wind cheater which you can wear to cut the wind out, it gets freezing in the jungle
  5. 1 pair of gloves for the morning rides
  6. 1 woollen beanie to pull over your ears or 1 buff
  7. 1 heavy jacket
  8. 2 pairs of jeans/ thick pants

You can avoid most of these clothes during the summer months (April to June) but we strongly recommend against wearing sleeveless clothes in the jungle. The jeeps tend to go through narrow trails at times and the plants and bushes have underbrush/thorns.
Don’t forget your swimsuit so you can cool off between rides.

Tips for better sighting?

It’s important to wear warm, natural colours when you’re in the jungle. Darker colours help you camouflage into the natural environment and hence, increase your odds. Bright colours make you more visible to animals and birds and reduce chances of sightings.
We recommend against wearing any perfume/deodorant when going into the jungle as animals have a heightened sense of smell.

Where can I change currency?

Money exchange counters are available at all airports in India, as well as most hotels. We too, have the facility to exchange money at our lodge.

Can I use my credit card for payments?

No, our lodge does not accept cards due to network issues.

Do I need a Visa to travel to India?

Yes, you will need a visa to visit India. You cannot apply for it on arrival and it is recommended that you contact your local Indian embassy or consulate when planning your trip.


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