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Watch the Satpura Reserve come alive

Cross the Denwa at the crack of dawn to watch the Satpura Reserve come alive—birds, mammals, reptiles and more. Look out for the impressive ghost tree, the frankincense tree, and more. Our naturalists, and trackers from the reserve, will stop and point out to you the bits of the unfolding action you might have missed. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the tigress who frequents this part of the jungle. She either knows the morning safari schedule by heart, or has a puckish sense of humour; every now and then, she will cross the paths between two jeep trips, and leave a careful set of pugmarks across fresh jeep tracks.


The Jeep Safari will take you through the Madhai meadow to breakfast at a pile of volcanic rock, overlooking a stream. You can also try the Jeep Safari for a similar duration in the afternoon. Set aside about four hours if you’d like to do this the right way—by the stop-whisper-peer-whisper-start method.

Night Safaris

Night Safaris: The Night drives in the buffer zone of Satpura are carefully controlled by the Park management and are a fantastic way of looking for rarely seen nocturnal species like owls, civets and Rusty Spotted Cats and also the biggies like leopards and sloth bears. It's astonishing how many animals inhabit these human dominated forests. Night Safaris can either be included in the two daily safaris or as a third extra safari to be paid for separately.

Night Safaris

The jeeps are modified to allow observation and photography, and run quietly on petrol engines through a carefully chosen slice of the park.