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At Forsyth, we are a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate individuals helping our guests explore the best of the wilderness at Satpura. It is because of our team’s immense love for nature that we relentlessly strive to deliver an immaculate experience of the woodlands.

H.P. Ashwin, Naturalist


Always passionate about the wild, Ashwin started off as a birdwatcher and wildlife photographer. Delving into film-making and research, he made wildlife documentaries about king cobras and elephants. Ashwin is also an expert on herpes and reptiles.

Vineeth.M, Naturalist


An alumnus of the National Outdoor Leadership school, Vineet has been trekking the Western Ghats since 1999. His love for nature has led him to track King cobras in a telemetry project. He has also set up trekking models for the Ecotrails project. A skilled tracker and angler, his scientific approach towards storytelling displays intriguing angle to wildlife and history.

Bejoy Issac, Naturalist

Bejoy Issac

This life sciences graduate from Bangalore, is a wanderlust who craves for scenic landscapes. Taking life one day at a time, he loves spending maximum time in jungles to gaze at all the wondrous transformations in life forms. The multiple avenues of exploring the Satpura on foot, elephant, canoe and jeep is something he’s really enthused with

Deepankar Mukherjee, General Manager

Deepankar Mukherjee

An army kid, Deepanker spent his childhood traversing all of India. Before his passion for wildlife and photography led him to Forsyth, he managed team operations in branding and consumer communication. Now, spending his time in nature and with the wildlife, he’s finally, as he puts it, in ‘pursuit of happiness’.

Payal Mehta, Ecology & Restoration Consultant

Payal Mehta

Starting out as a naturalist, Payal has bountiful wildlife experience. She’s led domestic expeditions all over India, Nepal and Bhutan, be it looking for snow leopards or exploring riverine Rhino country. Payal now leads the Lantana project for property restoration at the Forsyth. Her intention is to tackle the invasive plant while working with the local ​​community.


The bond of enthusiasm also extends to our chefs and our support staff. Our two chefs have several years of experience at Nepal’s premier wildlife lodges, and on-the-fly at mountaineering expeditions. The cuisine at Forsyth owes much of its character to their differing personalities, and their friendly everyday duels over tradition and adventure.


Forsyth enlists dedicated staff from the nearby villages who have been trained to provide a hospitality that is warm, thoughtful and discreet. They will set the Gujarat Boilers going much before dawn, get the vehicles ready for the day, set off to handle bookings for safaris, canoes, and elephant-rides at the reserve and do everything to ensure that your stay at Forsyth is convivial. During winters, they would nip back to your rooms while you are at dinner and ensure that your beds have been warmed by a hot-water bottle. In the long monsoon months, when the park closes, they come back to do up the walls with village scenes and remembered motifs. It is this outstanding dedication theirs that makes the Forsyth experience, a delightful one.