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In a truly imaginative move, the park management has opened the old pack-trail used in Forsyth’s day to walk up to Pachmarhi and created a superbly scenic gentle 2-day hike.


Ranked as the #1
Speciality Lodge in
Satpura National Park

You can either do it going uphill to Pachmarhi or downhill FROM Pachmarhi. It's fairly easy going in the sense that the days are not long. Superb scenery and birding mainly and the camping is at the edge of villages on both nights. If you do the uphill route then the programme will be to drive to the campsite from Forsyth's - perhaps after a morning trip into the park - arriving for lunch.

The campsite is close to the Denwa River (which you cross to get into the park). Beautiful spot and a charming village called Jhela Village. The next morning the walk is for about 4 - 5 hours. Camp at a village called Kanjighat. From there walk about 6 kms to Pachmarhi and either spend the night at a small British era 6 room hotel or drive 2 hours back to Forsyth's.


The camping isn't luxurious. The loo is a separate tent. Sleeping bag on a mattress on the ground and the food is simple but fresh vegetarian food. Both a local guide and one of our naturalists accompanies you. It is an experience that re-connects you to the wild in a very immediate way. This programme must be opted for separately and can be bolted on to a 3 or 4 day stay at Forsyth’s or be extended even further with an additional 2 night Pachmarhi Walking package.