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Elephant Safari


Ranked as the #1
Speciality Lodge in
Satpura National Park

Those who clamber atop an elephant and adjust to the gentle pitch-and-heave of its movement will inevitably clutch the guard-rail on the howdah. Not because they are about to fall, but because travelling elephant-scale is to experience the jungle simultaneously as terrain and as flourishing ecosystem. Canopies go missing, or kissing, by. Birding is transformed. And there’s the pachyderm’s miraculous sense of footing. On request, the elephants will tramp up the most impossible pile of rocks into the thicker clumps of forest where the leopards are.

As usual, you will cross the Denwa, and spend over two hours accompanied by mahout and naturalist, in a quieter part of the forests.

When you return from the ride, you may run into Lakshmi, the calf-elephant who likes to stand and do a polite but curious bob of the head at new people.