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The park is usually teeming with migratory birds during the October to March season and getting on the water is simply the only way to see these species in all their splendour.


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Speciality Lodge in
Satpura National Park

The northern edge of Satpura is bordered by the enormous reservoir of the Tawa Dam which adds enormously to the scenic splendour of this park. In a wonderfully pioneering move, the park management introduced 3-man canoes for two guests and a boatman who will take you across the Denwa into its many little bays and inlets. Here you may observe, unobtrusively, animals stopping to drink, or shy marsh mugger crocodiles sunning themselves. You’ll need a little list to keep track of the birds you might pass on the sandbanks: sandpipers, red wattled lapwings, cranes, herons, stilts, and five kinds of kingfisher. Indeed there is no better way to watch and photograph birds. Most people are addicted after the first experience. On several occasions we have paddled gently along observing wild dogs hunting, or bears foraging for food and on one occasion tracked a leopard kill.

There are two simple ways to plan a holiday at Forsyth’s. You could choose to wake to the routine of the discerning wildlife enthusiast—and career through a day filled with things to do, interrupted only by serious eating and lively conversation. Or, you could devote yourself to one carefully chosen activity each day before returning with equal seriousness, to good food and conversation, and then stretch out on the planter’s chair at your cottage to watch, or hear, the world inch by, somewhere beyond your toes. Either way, like Bill Watterson’s hyperkinetic six-year-old, you will find yourself saying that the days are just packed. You may not have the time to notice that your mobile phone fell silent after you turned off the highway, or the absence of newspapers and the internet.